SUH3 Hash Trashes

What happened on trail? If you weren't there, you'll probably never know... Unless it's in the Trash, that is!

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6 trashes shown
When Which Scribe Hare Where
2016-01-06 #1111: One One One One Sir Clever Dick Mizmanagement Gamla Stan
2015-12-30 #1110: Binary run Sir Clever Dick The Teasers Årsta torg
2015-12-02 #1106 Sir Clever Dick JC Sätra
2015-11-25 #1105 Sir Clever Dick Sprintosaurus Sundbybergs centrum
2015-11-18 #1104 Sir Clever Dick Floater Fridhemsplan exit Drottningsholmsvägen
2013-12-04 #1002: AGPU 2 Swedes Cumming 2 Swedes Cumming & Marmite Älvsjö Värdshus, Johan Skyttes väg 214