SUH3 Run #1106
: 2015-12-02
: S├Ątra
: JC
: Sir Clever Dick

We met at Mazgoof Restaurang which was conveniently situated in the stations building.

After packing our bags, in I believe was Fluffers car, we then went back into the station for the chalk talk.

Then we were off!  As it was very dark and the trail went into a lot of woods I cannot give here an honest description of the run.

Nevertheless it was exciting, a trifle wet and somewhat slippery. At one point Termite on his bike yelled out a warning to us followers ICE he shouted!

Next minute we saw him fall “arse over tit” excuse the expression) himself and his bike spread-eagled over a large area of ice. Fortunately he was not badly injured, possibly only his pride, so we could continue.  Eventually we reached Sätra Boat Clubs…. club house where we enjoyed an appreciated drink stop with ginger biscuits and cheese. Then it was back to the start for the circle and eventual dinner at the restaurant.

At the circle one could see SCD smiling abnormally. Why was this? Well this was his lucky day as two virgins were present brought along by Bad Pitt namely, Just Kerstin & Just Petra. When the RA fourpack called them into the circle to be Devirginized and they were asked the customary questions, when asked “Who made you come”?

Like a shot one of them said…… Bad Dick!  Of course the Hares were in the circle to hear comments about their trail and many others were also rewarded. Then it was into the warmth of the restaurant to eat and drink a welcome beer. Thanks to the Hares for a great exciting trail.

Now for the statistics:  We were a total of 23 Hashers of which 8 were Harriettes and 15 Harriers. So less the Hares x 2 plus the non-paying virgins x 2 makes it 19 paying Hashers.

I.E., 19 x 10 SEK = 190 SEK less 50 SEK to the Hares = 140 SEK to be paid to Miz Moneypenny.

Those contributing were:

Fluffer, Eager Beaver, Jingle Balls, Concrete Erection, Sir Clever Dick, BIG BROTHER, little brother, Just Fredrik, Big Man Wanted, Just Erik, Termite, Marmite, Sprintosaurus, Fourpack, Malteaser, Bad Pitt, 2 Swedes Cummin, Laid Bird, Titan Dick, Ali Wank Bonk.

Yours Truly,
Sir Clever Dick


p.s. If anybody has paid and is not included in my statistics, please let me know. Well I am retarded, sorry retired.