SUH3 Run #1110: Binary run
: 2015-12-30
: Ă…rsta torg
: The TeasersMalteaserStrip Teaser
: Sir Clever Dick

A great run was arranged by our two Teasers. It was held in the district of Årsta. We had three groups, the walkers & injured, the runners and FRB’s. The trail was mainly laid in white chalk & in arrows.

A nice artistic touch was that the Walkers trail was decorated along the route with a label with a red number (1) written on it. Furthermore the trail was strewn with green thread tied around lamp-posts etc.

The Runners had an O and the normal arrows to follow. It was a chilly evening aided by a strong wind from somewhere. Nevertheless we had some Hashers in shorts. I think I noticed Little Brother, Titan Dick, Laid Bird & Fourpack.

We had two drink stops, the first some liquid spiced with German Brandy. The second you might say was Champagne…. a Cava….. and a Prosecco maybe.

After a splendid run/walk it was time to convene to the Onn-Inn Restaurant “Hjälmaren”  Årsta torg. There we ate and drank well until it was time to depart. 

Prior to leaving, as Assistant Hash Cash Collector, I did my duty and collected 20 SEK from the following:-

Jingle Balls, Sprintosaurus, Silly Con Feet, Sir Clever Dick, Naked Cock, Just Fredrick, Marmite, Termite, Broken Rubber, Hugh Hefner, Ditch Bitch, Little Brother, Lovely Incontinencia, Very Naughty Boy, Hard-worn Hymen, Sex-tourist, Cocktail, Rat Poison, Big Man Wanted, Laid Bird, Titan Dick, Eager Beaver, Bad Pitt &  Four-pack.

With the Hares, we were 26 Hashers of which 9 were Harriettes and  17 Harriers.

As the Hares don’t pay, we were 24 Hashers that coughed up 20 SEK each = 480 SEK  Less the agreed 200 SEK to the Hare’s (The Teasers) = 280 SEK to be paid to Miz Moneypenny………….when I return from the Cayman Islands He! He!

Many thanks to  Malteaser & Stripteaser for a pleasant end of the year run på Söder. 

p.s. As always, If someone has paid me but is not on the list please send me an e-mail. Thanks!

Yours, truly,
Sir Clever Dick