SUH3 Run #1111: One One One One
: 2016-01-06
: Gamla Stan
: Mizmanagement
: Sir Clever Dick

Yes! It was a fairly nice day. A bit chilly -10 C. We convened at the pub Temple Bar a bit before two p.m. We were informed not to change into running clothes in the bar but please use the toilets.

We were two groups some 7 walkers (The Magnificent 7) and the runners some 18 FRBs. Instructions were given by Bad Pitt that we had to find “on the trail” some square bits of something with an alphabetical letter. To help us we would find an (L) in a circle.

Then we were off! Dashing through the Old Town checking at every gränd for a sign. We ran past Nobelmuseet and arrived at Kungliga slotted. There we found an “L” and had to search for a letter.

Then it was pell mell towards Kungsträdgården for our first drink stop. This was by the Tea House where we aptly drank tea with a splash of rum to make it more palatable. Found another letter!

Obs! This is a walkers account as the writer was gently persuaded to carry the drinks for the 2nd drink stop. After the drink stop we proceeded towards Sturegatan and NK. We ran past Humlegården and eventually came to Tunnelgatan where, in the middle we had our second drink stop of 4.7% All Day IPA accompanied with some tasty tit bits.

After that we ran / walked down Kungsgatan type, over Kungsbron to Fleminggatan then jogged along Kungsbro strand till Klarabergsviadukten, Klarastrandsleden. Along the way our expert geocasher “John Cleese” discovered many alphabetical square bits.

We then proceeded towards Stockholms Stadshus where another “Drink Stop” was enjoyed, After that it was here and there until we ran over Centralbron and ended up at Riddarholmen. There, at the waterfront we enjoyed another drink of the finest champagne. Then according to “Runkeeper” and my Iphone, we ran/walked to Titan & Laid Birds place to have a circle. A circle was performed to all’s satisfaction.

Then it was back to the Temple Bar for some energy giving “grub,” be it pasta, hamburger or fish and chips.

Thank you hares, Bad Pitt, Eager Beaver and Four Pack for an unforgettable, fantastic, unbelievable, most enjoyable, run 1111……………we’ll never forget it.

Some statistics:- According to my notes we were 11 Harriettes and 18 Harriers of which 3 were hares Eager Beaver, For Pack and Bad Pitt.

So, 11 + 18 = 29 minus 3 hares (who don’t pay = 26 x 20 SEK = 520 SEK

Normally it is agreed that I pay the hares 200 SEK for the DD beers etc. But as this was a special occasion and a certain sum was taken from hash cash I’m uncertain what I have to pay to Miz Management.

It could be 520 SEK or less 200 SEK to the hares = 320 SEK………….we shall see after deliberations.

I received cash from the following:- Sir Clever Dick, Broken Rubber, Sprintosaurus, Pippi Longcocking, Silly Con Feet, Bambi, Nyni Two Strokes (visitor), Termite, Marmite, Missing Link, Tripple Nipple & Little Ingrid, Incontinentia Buttocks, A Very Naughty Boy, Hardworn Hymen, PIMP, LIMP, Dirty Dancer, Rosé, Hugh Hefner, Meatballs, Titan Dick, Laid Bird, John Cleese, Horny Tail & Jingle Balls.

I calculate 26 hashers at 20 SEK each = 520 SEK

So after negotiations, I owe Miz Moneypenny 520 SEK or 320 SEK If I have to pay the hares 200 SEK for DD beers.

Many thanks to the hares for an unforgettable, memorable, exciting, Underground at the unusual time of 14.00 hours or 2 pm.

Yours truly,
Sir Clever Dick