SPOR&DIC Run #8: The Gispert Memorial Walk
: 2007-07-31
: Harvest Home, Bondegatan 50
: The Phantom of the Opera / Floater
: Unknown

SPOR&DIC 8 - The Gispert Memorial Walk

When: July 31, 2007, Where: Harvest Home, Hare: Floater

Runners(6): V.D.Viking, Missing Link, Ingrid Larssen, Standing Ovation, Clark Kent, Pippi Longcocking

This was a collaboration between the SPOR&DIC and the Inverness H3. A nice short half imaginary trail from Harvest Home to Vitabergsparken, where we had a drinkstop/circle, drinking Freixenet, a nice Cavà from the same part of Spain as Gispert's parents, Catalonia. Then it was back to the pub for food and drinks.