SPOR&DIC Run #10: Midwinter Madness
: 2007-12-22
: Slöjdvägen 28, Jakobsberg
: VD Viking & Ingrid Larssen

SPOR&DIC 10 - Midwinter Madness

When: December 22, 2007, Where: Jakobsberg, Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (4): Muki, Escape from Elba (SPOR&DIC virgin and visitor from Champagne Hash), Floater and Clark Kent.

The sort of theme of the run was a cold run and hot drinks and food. So as a pre run drink we all had a Hot Shot (Galliano, coffe and whipped cream), actually since so few came, we all had two! There were two drink stops, the first included some of Sugar Kane's famous (or rather infamous) glogg with almonds and raisins and 'pepparkakor'. The second hot cocoa with a wee dram of Jamaican rhum. There was quite a lot of wood on the run (stop your childish giggling), and when it got dark it got really dark. Muki tried to do his part as a runner, but only managed the first 1 km runners loop, and chickened out on the second 3 km loop. On the second stop visitor Escape from Elba 'entertained' us all by asking trivia questions. Back at the On-Inn a circle was held as it should be, before we all dove into some hot and tasty goulasch soup, and plenty of beers. All in all we some serious fun. How fun? Well there were six of us and we had beer for twenty, and the day after I had to wash glogg of the walls (When Muki parties he really parties).