FMBH3 Run #119: The Flower Moon
: 2022-05-16
: Sickla
: Blind Pew
: Sir MaliBog


Revived by Blind Pew who attracted Sprintosaurus, Sir MaliBog plus Pucko and Double Dick from Norway to the Suburb  of Sickla for the Berserkers Full Moon Hash with Duracell with wine, beer and pasta at the on-inn
First half of the trail was surprisingly flat  until we reached the bridge seen in the distance of the photo taken at the circle.
We then had to climb up a steep wooded incline to what we thought was the top but shortly after we were presented with an even steeper craggy climb, this time to the peak and the awaited beer stop with some good views of Nacka and the ski-slope in the distanceHeading west and down overgrown trails we were soon up against  another steep incline. 
Having struggled to the crest it was all downhill to the allotments after which the hare kindly refined from leading us up the ski-slope instead heading back to the on-inn.
A quick circle on the rooftop then down the the Blind Pew Inn for food and drinks
An excellent run in Nacka and we hope to see you on the 17th June at Vasa Park for Sprinto’s Strawberry Moon Hash ......OnOn SirMaliMoon