FMBH3 Run #120: Run Before the Walk Full Moon Hash
: 2022-06-17
: Vasaparken, corner Torsgatan and Odengatan
: Sprintosaurus
: Sir MaliBog


Full Moon Berserkers Run Number 121ish

Hare Sir MaliBog and Sprinto

A2B from the Elin Wäger Statue on the corner of Vasa Park to the Maison Cheval Rouge with Sir Clever Dick’, ‘Sir MaliBog’, ‘Sprinto’, ‘Dengue Dick’ and visitor ‘Enter the Asshole’ from Colchester, Vermont and ‘Spike’ as the Bag Lady to take the bags and beers to the OnInn

The trail steered through the Sabbatsberg Hospital ground heading for the first peak at the Old Stockholm Observatory and the Centaur Statue where we dallied a while to admire the view.

Second Beer Stop was atop the Vanadis Park with the delightful bronze statue of ‘A Girl Looking Into The Sun’ at this time of day she and we should be looking for the Full Moon but neither she nor we could see as it was somewhat overcast.

Down again, under the main road heading for the hill at Bellview Park where we joined the famous writer, August Strindberg for a beer

On-Inn at the Maison Cheval Rouge where we all fitted snugly in the balcony to drink our beers and eat Red Horse’s spicy BBQ chicken thighs....OnOnSirMaliBog