Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #949
A to B and maybe Spring
Saturday, 16 March 2024, 15:00 CET
: Älvsjö
: Big Brother, Big Mouth ()
: 5 °C, moderate rain, overcast, gentle breeze.
: 40 kr
: A restaurant close to public transport at the 'B'-location. Most dishes 150 -200 Sek, 50 Cl beer 60-70 Sek

Älvsjö City. Pendeltåg or several bus lines will take you there. Half arrows will show the way from the Pendeltåg station to the Start. A Bag car will take your Bags to the On Inn.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND to take YOUR CAR as the BOAT FAIR  "Allt för sjön" is on in Älvsjö and parking may be difficult.

(If you need to get back to A later, a direkt bus-line can take you from B to A). 


There will be runners and walkers, trails, normal Saturday lengths, drinkstop etc. Bring drinking vessels. Älvsjö offers several places for pre-drinks if you want. Check on the net.

Bring mobile phone and note the hares' numbers, in case you plan to get lost on trail!

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