Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1473
Wednesday, 14 December 2022, 18:30 CET
: Rådmansgatan T-bana
: 4pack
: -8 °C, heavy snowfall, partially cloudy, light air.
: 20 kr
: Indian King, Västmannagatan 12

Lucia Hangover Run - feel free to dress accordingly!


The On Inn Indian King is our favourite lunch restaurant close to my work. I hope you will like it :-) We have 10% discount on food, and they are well stocked up on beer! Bags can be stored in the restaurant.

Please order your food Monday 17.00 at the latest by sending me an e-mail, or text me, or via messenger!
Options (you can find more info on the menu on the web site):
- Vegetarian BBQ: 189-10%=170 kr
- Telepia Papaya Curry (fish): 199-10%=180 kr
- Tikka Masala with chicken: 169-10%=152 kr
- Tikka Masala with lamb: 205-10%=185 kr

Runners' and Walkers' trail, and of course a Drink Stop - visibility of arrows depending on weather :-) 
Please note that it takes around 10 min to walk to the On Inn from the underground!