Stockholm Hash House Harriers

The Stockholm kennel consists of three different litters: The Absolut Hash, which is the original Stockholm Hash House Harriers, The Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes, and The Full Moon Berserkers. The three Hashes do not compete each other, they complete, and it's the same bunch of wankers in all three of them (with variations). Also, on four occasions so far, the Connoisseur Hash House Harriers have roamed the streets, starting in the Summer of 1997 with a pissup in a brewery.

The Absolut Hash House Harriers

The Absolut Hash is the original Stockholm Hash and was founded in 1986 by, among others, Nosslo, Two Pricks, and Jannie Walker.

SAH3 a family Hash and animals of all kinds are welcome, including Horrors and Hounds.

The Absolut Hash runs every other Saturday afternoon at 15:00 (14:00 in the darker months) from someone's home and there is usually food and beer served after the runs.

The run length could be anything from 50 minutes to 2 hours, depending on who is haring.


The Underground Hash House Harriettes

Underground In the Summer of 1994 some of the Harriettes thought that the Absolut Hash was a bit too family oriented and that they should start a Hash more geared to beer drinking and pubbing, and thus the Underground Hash was born.

The SUH3 runs every Wednesday evening at 18:30 (sharp) from a pub near you (in case you happen to be in the neighbourhood of the pub in question, and why shouldn't you?). The run length should not be more than an hour (unless there's a beer stop — or two :-) — slowing things up).

The Full Moon Berserkers

BatFounded in the Summer of 1994 by Malibog, the Full Moon Berserkers is for those who think running is more fun than drinking beer. The runs are approx. 10 to 12 km long and it is purely BYOB.

What Else?

Well, there is an occasional Extracurricular Hash that has managed to run three unnumbered runs, and the Winter Solstice Hash that runs just once a year a couple of days before Christmas.

Sometimes members of the Stockholm hash venture on secret missions abroad. Our guest scribe/photographer Ramblin' Rod can tell you more about one such occasions: Helsinki HHH run #1000.

When we don't run some of us can sometimes be found at the weirdest little pub in town, Oxsvansen (The Ox's tail) at Malmskillnadsgatan 46.