SPOR&DIC Run #4: Around the World in 8 Checks
: 2006-08-05
: Barkarby commuter train station
: Ingrid & VD

SPOR&DIC 4 - Around the World in 8 Checks

When: August 5, 2006, Where: Järfälla, Hares: Ingrid Larssen and V.D.Viking

Runners(7): Mad Swede, Doubledecker, Muki, Rina (Later renamed Call Girl)(Hash Virgin), Floater, Missing Link (New Name), Sugar Kane and AnnMari who joined at the ON-INN.

A longish run with 8 drink stops, themed after countries all over the world. A Victoria Bitter in Sydney, red wine and Brie cheese in Paris, Indian Cobra Beer in Goa, Thai whiskey Mekong and Coke in Chiang Mai, Sol with lime and nachos with salsa dip in Mexico City, Italian Grappa in Bordighera and South African Amarula and biltong in Cape Town. And finally a beer or two at the Highlander pub in Jakobsberg.