GH3 Run #1
: 2004-06-05
: Änggårdsbergen
: PenisBoy
: Unknown


Run No 1 was set by the GM Penis Boy and took place in Änggårdsbergen.

The hare gave the details about the run and we see the way where to start it was really hard run to much up and down and there was 3 hash holds and 2 false trails when we start we didn't know what to expect since it was the first time for everyone so I was little excited so we hit the trail and get to the first hash hold and we meet the folk there and we keep running after all the hash holds and the false trails we get back to the circle. We had circle even that we want so much hasher and we didn't have so many newcomers when all of us were new for the Mölndal Hash but we had so much fun in the circle.

Sinner: Siv was punished for taking the wrong trail and also for telling the others to follow here she is big sinner. we closed the circle with the hash hymn.

On! On!



Well, when I started the hash here in Sweden I was really worried how it would work out. I didn't know what I was getting my self into but I made it all anyway and was able to do the first hash. But first I say to myself “without the hash I don't have so much fun wherever I go” also I used to say “wherever I will be, I want to go where there is a Hash”.

Of course I end up in a place where there is no hash. So I told myself OK, this is my chance to start a hash, set a run, hang out with friends and go on with our hash so Mölndal Hash is really trying to make best of it it will go better and better in the future. Anyone will love to take their friends and family to the Mölndal Hash which is a family hash. Children, adult, old and young, anyone can come and enjoy with us, you will have so much fun and you will get chance to meet new people, and of course you will enjoy drinking beer. We meet every Saturday at 14:00 in Bifrost in Haverkornsgatan 5 which is really nearby the town, after the run we have a circle and we will go and have beer in a bar.

So come and join us. On! On!