SPOR&DIC Run #11: Gispert Memorial Run
: 2008-02-11
: Harvest Home, Bondegatan 50
: Floater
: Unknown

SPOR&DIC 11 - Gispert Memorial Run

When: February 11, 2008, Where: Harvest Home, Hare: Floater

Runners (13): V.D.Viking, John Cleese, Pippi Longcocking, Hornytail, Doggy Style (SPOR&DIC virgin), Just Josh (SPOR&DIC virgin), Just Emma (True virgin), Just Andrew (SPOR&DIC virgin), Titan Dick (SPOR&DIC virgin), Clark Kent, Missing Link, Laid Bird, Junior Turd

A nicely laid trail around the eastern parts of Södermalm (or so the Hare claims), a huge part of the pack just followed the Hare instead of following the trail, me included! Well the runners seemed happy enough when they caught up at the first drink stop, Swedish Renat vodka, down at the Norra Hammarbyhamnen quay close by the Skanstull bridge. Thet where still quite happy at the beer stop at the top of Vitabergs Parken, but finally at the circle at Nytorget they started to get cold, so it was made mercifully short. There where plenty of SPOR&DIC virgins and returners to give everyone a down-down, and since our main song bird Floater had a sore throat, we only 'sang' the silent version of Swing Low. Then it was ON-INN to Harvest Home for food and beer.