SPOR&DIC Run #12: The ScandiJock Hangover Run
: 2008-04-27
: Central Stockholm
: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen
: V.D.Viking

SPOR&DIC 12 - The ScandiJock Hangover Run

When: April 27, 2008, Where: Central Stockholm

Hares: V.D.Viking and Ingrid Larssen

Runners (28): Junior Turd, Floater, Just Miika (True Virgin), Swinging Tits (Gothenburg H3), Muki, Jerk Off (Gothenburg H3), Standing Ovation, Cock Sweller (Gothenburg H3), Size Matters (Oslo H3), Screamer (Helsinki H3), Beastiality (Oslo H3), Wet Dream (Copenhagen H3), Stiff Meat (Sarajevo H3), Pippi Longcocking, Pucko, Mimi (Trossachs H3), Oink! (Mid Argyll Swamp Skiers H3), Mind Your Nuts (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3), Bruce Almighty (Aberdeen H3), Joint Venture (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3), Austin Powers (Glasgow H3), Red Carpet (Copenhagen Viking Wankers H3), Hughieee Blllaaarrrggghhhrrr (Glasgow H3), Termite, Marmite, Codpiece (Copenhagen H3), McGoose (Royal Bershire H3)

For me and Ingrid Larssen it was up bright and early to lay the trail. Approximately half of the ScandiJock pack was missing as we set out, but there were enough runners to make sure our efforts of laying long runners' loops wasn't wasted. Actually they worked out so good that the runners didn't have to do any checking, the Hashers had solved them all! The majority of the pack followed the Hashers' trail together with us Hares. Through the outskirts of Observatorielunden (The runners ran up the whole hill!), then through the Ghost Park (Spökparken) and along Drottninggatan, across Norra Latin's yard and a tricky check on-through parts of the Central station. Another long loop around the Karlberg's canal made sure the Hashers were already in place at the drink stop with cold beers in their hands, when the runners came along the other bank. McGoose decided to test the water quality and temperature, both low, by swimming across the canal. RA Hughieee Blllaaarrrggghhhrrr eagerly wrote down all sins big and small with a borrowed pen. After the drink stop the trail followed the canal for a bit more, before crossing over to Tegnerlunden where the circle was to be. A few of our foreign visitors decided to second guess us Hares, and of course ended up way behind the pack. This wasn't really a problem as we had to wait for Hughieee Blllaaarrrggghhhrrr to translate his short-hand notes into gibberish and for Bruce Almighty to return from the hostel with yet another bottle of uisge beatha, G knows how they managed to carry all those bottles. Well seeing how Hughieee Blllaaarrrggghhhrrr had left all his clothes at home that might be the answer.

Despite not being able to read his own handwriting Hughieee Blllaaarrrggghhhrrr did a good solid job of the circle, and I'm sure that everyone that got a down-down deserved it. And thanks to the RA the rain stayed away, and thank G that Tegnerlunden was almost devoid of children and family outings, so we weren't disturbed at all (except for Stockholm's own cosmic man Thomas Di Leva who glided past in a purple robe) After the Hash Hymn, and some more shameless merchandising by the SPOR&DIC Haberdasher (i.e V.D.Viking) we retreated to Dovas City for food, drinks and farewells, and to say good morning to Standing Ovation. It also gave us a last chance to laugh at the poor slobs who were camping at the curb just outside (along one of the busiest streets in Stockholm), waiting 2 and 1/2; weeks for to buy the newest Grand Theft Auto video game dirt cheap.