SAH3 Run #743
: 2016-04-23
: Solna Centrum
: Limp
: Sir Clever DIck

St George’s Day, the 400 Anniversary of Will Shakespeare’s Death

Hello all you Hash lovers, please find a short summary of the run.

Note: In addition to the above mentioned celebrations Sir Malibog introduced two more, notably,

”The Order of the Garter” and “Roy Orbison’s” Birthday.

We assembled outside the Restaurant where Limp had already chalked on the pavement the various marks for today’s trail. She had written a new one for us “SQ” which meant of course “Shakespeare Quote”. The idea was that when we reached this mark we were expected to recite one of the Bards famous quotes.

Some shouts were heard - hash car!  Anybody have a hash car? Just then Bad Pitt arrived but alas no hash car today. Suddenly someone espied Silly Con Feet in his car. But he drove straight passed the Restaurant assuming he could not park outside. Luckily we had Malteaser with us who “gave chase” and brought him back to the venue.

Now we were off! Running through the streets of Solna. On our left was previously the former Råsunda Football Stadium now just a building site. We dashed passed Stråket which is the centre of Råsunda. We continued along Lövgatan and passed by the now deceased musician ”Robban Brobergs”  former home.

Us walkers then crossed Gränsgatan entering the neighbour town of Sundbyberg. We saw on our right the runners milling about near Näckrosen - Filmstaden off trail!  We managed to attract their attention and put them right!

At this point I don’t know where the runners ran but us walkers continued along Vackra Vägen and down towards Lötsjön. We had the sjön on our right and passed Sundbybergs Idrottsplats heading towards Duvbo. At the end of the lake we found the “SQ” mark. We thought we would wait for the runners but as they were nowhere to be seen we decided to start with our Shakesperian quotes.

Sir Malibog who had done his homework started with

“My Beer, My Beer, My Kingdom for a Beer”. From Richard III

This was followed by “Friends Hashers and Noblemen, Lend me your Beers, I come to drink with Caesar not to scorn him”. From Julius Caesar

Ending with “Once more unto the shiggy my friends, once more” from Henry V

At this point Limp became a little agitated wondering where the runners were. So she dashed off in reverse to try and find them. In the meantime, us walkers continued around Lötsjön carefully bypassing all the excrement deposited by the numerous Canadian Geese which now inhabit the area. We eventually came to the end of Lötsjön and their we found the “DN” mark which helped increase our happiness. We crossed over Sjövagen which separates the two sjöns and entered the area of Råstasjön. On the other side of the lake we could see Friends Arena and  a glimpse of Mall of Scandinavia.

By the edge of the lake we found the “DS” so it was just to be patient and wait for the runners. They arrived fairly soon whereupon we could all enjoy some different liquors and crisps provided generously by Limp. Then it was straight back to the On Inn and circle.

The circle was had on a slight hill which belongs to Charlottenbergsparken and former Gård.

It was a great gathering with most Hashers dressed up as a St George Knight or Noble - or an English flag painted on a cheek -  or something out of a Shakespeare Play. I believe I even saw Roy Orbison in the circle. Sir Malibog started doing the honours by first giving our Hare Limp a well-deserved DD for an excellent trail etc. Sir Malibog sang Pretty Woman as Limps DD song and she startled all by saying ‘Who’s Roy Orbison!!’ Goodness every child above the age of 12 knows, but apparenty not everyone.

More DD’s were administered till finally 2SC took over.

Limp had provided some excellent English beers in lieu of our “Patron Saint” and very tasty they were! Finally the circle was closed after announcements and we retired to the Kohinoor Restaurant for some spicy Vindaloo, Madras chicken, Lamb curry to be washed down with the drink of your choice.

A great day was had by all. Many thanks to Limp for all her excellent endeavours.

Let’s now look forward to the next St Georges Day Run.

Yours truly,  //   Sir Clever Dick

Here is a list of the participants in random order: Rambling Rod, Bad Pitt, Sprintosaurus, Hot Stuff, Nordic Semen, Laid Bird, Concrete Erection, Sir Clever Dick, Eii saa peittää, Fluffer, Four Pack, 2SC, Fresh Meat, Malteaser, Stripteaser, Sir Malibog, Red Horse, Silly Con Feet, Bambi & children, Pippilongcocking.

And of course our Hare Limp and a visitor she introduced a Mr. Parkar from India.