SAH3 Run #681: AGPU
: 2013-12-07
: Just Stefan, on Asplunds Väg 13 A, 136 49 VEGA
: Triple Nipple & Termite
: Big Brother

Dear hashers, first my sincere thanks to Triple Nipple and just Stefan for great hosting of the AGPU in Vega in the south outskirts of Stockholm.

Notes from the AGPU:

Summary 2013:

  • Average participants per Absolut hash about 25-30.
  • Most visited hash: 18/8 Eurohash Absolut hangover run. About 450 Hashers running finishing the Eurohash weekend on a sunny Gärdet.
  • Most visited ‘privately’ organized hash: Run 666 – the 2013 red dress run – hosted by – Laid Bird and Titan, with other hares helping. 61 hashers in a 48 sqm apartment (and its courtyard).
  • Smallest hash of the year: 13 runners including the hares Rose And Pippi, was run on 13 April.
  • Underground 1000 weekend ended with another well-visited and sunny (but windy) hangover run, around Södermalm on 24/11.
  • Most trail setting hares were ‘The mites, ’The Bigs’ and  ‘Laid Bird/Titan’ with approx. 4 runs each..
  • And of course many more trails were set by other friendly hares.  Thank you all who contributed by setting trails or by running them.

Suitable drinkable awards were handed out to several of the above.

100 run awards:  Laid Bird and John Cleese have both been doing over 100 Absolut runs recently, and thus were awarded a drinking wessel each


Hare Raiser: was Rosé, is now Big Mouth (you reach her via )
Hash Cash: was Marmite, is still Marmite
Haberdasher: was Termite, is still Termite, but 2014 assisted by Stripteaser
RA, assist RA: was Bambi & Fork, is now  Laid Bird & Little Brother
GM: was Big Brother, is now Pippi Longcocking
Webmaster, On Sec: was Sugar Kane & Floater, is now Blowqueen & Naked Kock
Hashtrash: was Malibog, no new specific person elected

Drinkable awards were given out                    

Notes to the two last positions:

Work is currently ongoing by the two new Webmasters to create a new homepage with more functionality than the old.  In that will be a blog function so that write-ups can be posted directly, as well as other information can. All hares and hare raisers will be able to update the run information. The home page will be jointly managed and cost shared by the Absolut and Underground hashes, but will welcome run information from all hashes in the Stockholm area (Fullmoon, Sporadic, bike, ski, skate, Inverness … ) Until the new homepage is live, Suger Kane kindly continues to manage the old one. Malibog may of course continue to write his hashtrash for any domestic and international audience, but after a long discussion it was concluded that it is a separate matter and the publication will no longer be an official publication in relation to the Absolut or Underground hashes, who will in the future use the web page for writeups and other information.

With that I sincerely thank all of the 2013 Mizmanagement for their efforts the last year and wish Pippi and her new mismanagement team a successful hashing year 2014. 

/ Big Brother