Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1552
Hot Dog Run
Wednesday, 12 June 2024, 18:30 CEST
: Fruängen
: Eye-Full & Big Man Wanted ()
: 15 °C, light rain, overcast, light breeze.
: 20 kr
: The park behind Fruängsgatan 13

🌭The Hot Dog Run 🌭

Take red line #14 to Fruängen. Look for half arrows that will lead you to the start. It’s in the park behind Fruängsgatan 13.


Runners and walkers trail. Drink stop ✋.

We are going to be outdoors at the On Inn, bring warm clothing if needed.

Hot Dogs, some beer and wine at self cost. Pay with Swish or cash (no cards). YES, we have been to Eskilstuna🍺 and Nacka🍺.

Tell us if you want vegetarian hot dogs!

The hashcar will take your bag during the run.

Bring your mug!

Want to grab a pre run beer 🍻? Bring one and sit in the park behind Fruängsgatan 13 or in the pub Långpannan, Elsa Borgs gata 66.


Eye-Full & BMW

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