Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1536
Around and around and around
Wednesday, 21 February 2024, 18:30 CET
: Karlaplan
: Pirate of the Queeribean ()
: 2 °C, overcast, light air.
: 20 kr
: Magari Pizza Karlaplan

Red line #13 towards Ropsten from city center, preferrably in the back of the train, get out towards the big roundabout (Karlaplan). There might be some halfarrows for you to follow to the restaurant.

If you´re c*ming by car, there is parking on the streets around. Please let the hare know if you intend to bring your car and can store some bags.


This will be the not so much a birthday run, but it will involve roundabouts instead. Expect a citytrail for runners & walkers and a drinkstop. So as always bring your inflatable mug or ding-dong.

The restaurant is not the regular brown (sunkhak) pub, so please try to behave yourself both before and after the run. Remember that we need to respect other guests right to be at the restaurant too.

Magari is a restaurant with real Italian pizzas (they have other stuff also) and better beer on tap than the regular "stor stärk". They will reserve tablespace for 20 persons for eating, the rest of us will have to take use of any other free places at the on-in.

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