Stockholm Underground Hash House Harriettes
SUH3 Run #1499
The Real 1500 Run
Wednesday, 14 June 2023, 18:30 CEST
: Årsta Torg
: Ali Wank Bonk & Violent Volvo ()
: 23 °C, clear, light breeze.
: 20 kr
: Hjälmaren

Half arrows will be marked from the nearest railway station at Valla Torg, which is the overground tram running between  Gullmansplan and Liljeholmen (or Sickla and Solna, if you want to start from that far away). There are busses that drop you off even closer to Årsta Torg. Parking at 20kr/hour near the church. It ain't rocket science to find the On Inn


Run + walk + drink stop + swim stop since the weather is so nice.

The restaurant would prefer that hashers preorder their food to make life easier as it’s quite a busy place.

Hash car will be provided.