SPOR&DIC Run #88
Saturday, 28 January 2023, 10:45 CET
: Uppsala
: & ()
: 0 °C, overcast, gentle breeze.
: Fyrishov

Hash starts 10:45 outside Uppsala C. So take Pendeltåg to Uppsala C (dep. Stockholm C 09:35 - arr. Uppsala C 10:37 or SJ Train depstart Stockholm C 09:42 arr. Uppsala C 10:24. Front end of train exit right or East side.


Welcum to a HasH and beer festival trip in Uppsala

Your crazy hares 2 Swedes and Laid Bird will let U build up some thirst on a hash though a scenic winterland Uppsala. And Dirty Dancer Will mislead the walkers.

Runners and walkers are welcome on this A to B trail. Wet One and Dip hit are heroes and Will bring an Bag car to transport your change of clothes and stuff to B.

The Belgian themed homebrew beer festival is held at Fyrishov. We have arranged that we can borrow showers and changing facilities at Fyrishov so U can smell delicious at the BEEERtasting. U will all be trying and judging the 120 different Belgian themed BEERS, so please work up a proper thirst during hash...!

U will most likely get a glass for the tasting. A tip is to bring some kind of glassholder hanging around U R neck.

On trail a mug is good advice and clothes.

There is a simple lunch restaurant at Fyrishov just outside BEER hall for food.

IF U want to join the BEER festival U need to buy ticket in advance. 
UNLIMITED amounts of BEER is INCLUDED in price of 300kr.

Buy ticket here: https://www.tickster.com/sv/events/elgpcve12kt5gfv/2023-01-28/belgotraff

Small info about festival here: https://www.uhbf.se/pa-gang/


PS. If U only want to join 4 hash that's of course ok.

TELL 2SC or Laid Bird if U R Cummin 

WHO`s CUMMIN LIST (as of 27/1)

  1. 2SC
  2. Laid Bird
  3. Limp
  4. Hulkalainen
  5. Fluffer
  6. Eisa Päitää
  7. Just Dennis
  8. Run Away (Aaron) W,
  9. Just Niclas Kjellberg
  10. Slicky Licky
  11. Pirate
  12. Dengue Dick
  13. Silly con feet
  14. 4 n20
  15. Swinging
  16. Cockholm Syndrome
  17. Tranny Granny
  18. Little Willie
  19. Little Ingrid
  20. Triple Nipple
  21. Dirty Dancer 
  22. Nordic Semen
  23. Wet One
  24. Dip shit
  25. Muki
  26. Magic Mushroom 
  27. Sunset Stripper 
  28. Just Otto
  29. Shitty Shaggy
  30. Dirty Lobster
  31. Just Oscar

On On

U R BEER loving hares

2 Swedes Cummin & Laid Bird