Stockholm Travel Hash
STH3 Run #30
Budva - Montenegro
Thursday, 6 October 2022, 10:00
: Budva, Montenegro
: + ()
: 20 °C, partially cloudy, calm.
: In evening after hash L & M Restoran at 19:30.

Bus leaves 10:00 from small bus stop 5 min from Astoria hotel close to NLB bank, follow half arrows.


Hashbus will drop us off in middle of nowhere (A) Expect slow n crazy trail. Runners and walkers trail that use same trail for several portions. Drink stops - yes. After hash maby swim and beer.

Bring small backpack to carry change of clothes or swimgear (no naked swim) or bribe a walker to carry U R stuff.

Bring cash euros or card if U wanna buy something after hash?

Hashbus will pick us up somewhere in afternoon at (B)