Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #919
Hazy shade of winter run
Saturday, 21 January 2023, 14:00
: Gullmarsplan (aka Gullis)
: &
: -2 °C, overcast, light breeze.
: 120 kr
: Loonie's place : UPDATE= Healthy Hashers wel-cum. If you are sick, the Inn Keeper will kick you out :)

Follow half arrows from Gullmarsplan t-bana


Wel-cum to the Hazy-Shade-of-Winter run, where you will need to channel your inner 60's-70's get-up!

There will be a runners and walkers trail with 1-2 drink stops.

On-Inn: Grafikvägen 14, Johanneshov, where compulsory 60-70 attire is required for entrance ;)

Also - due to some dodgy half-minds who have health-issues and a shitty immune system post-Covid (namely your Inn Keeper, Loonie), please cum to the On-Inn only if you are in tip-top Hashy condition 😁 

Please let Loonie know if you are cuming (1) to the Hashrun and (2) to the On Inn.. so that appropriate amounts of (a) thirst-quenching beverages and (b) food can be purchased. 

On Inn update: Food now purchased and the On-Inn cook is already cooking up a storm. Late-cumers - you will need to bring your own food!  😁