Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #905
Extra: Pre hike
Saturday, 9 July 2022, 15:00
: Klinten Eskilstuna
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: 100 kr
: Casa Eye-Full & BMW

How to get to Klinten, Eskilstuna

By hiking:
Gyllenheilmska leden will take you there from Eskilstuna, walking distance 20 km. A good shortcut is to take the bus to Torshälla, walking distance 10 km. You will find the trailmap on Search for Gyllenheilmska leden.

By car: 
Take motorway E20 to exit 132. Go towards Sundbyholm. When you passed the greenhouse/glasshouse turn left at sign Klinten. Follow signs to Klinten. When you passed the sign KLINTEN you are outsider out house.

By train and bus: 
Train to Eskilstuna. Bus to Sundbyholm at 13.28, get of at Ostra handel. Walk 3 km. We will pick up your luggages at the bus stop. Bus back to Eskilstuna at 20.24. Train leaves Eskilstuna at 22.04. Make sure you get a ride back to the station if you are going home when there is no bus. Bus back to Eskilstuna station on Sunday at 12.04 and train  to Stockholm at 13.04.

By boat: 
With the right wind, anchor up in the bay outside Klinten or moor in the guest harbor in Sundbyholm. Sundbyholm is about 6 km by car from Klinten. A little closer to walk / cycling (follow the Gyllenheilmska leden). There is a bus at 14.04 from Sundbyholm to Ostra handel. From Ostra you have to walk 3 km. Bus back leaves 20.15 and 01.15 (Sunday).

By bike: 
Bike all the way or shortcut by train.


Bring a tent if you want to stay until Sunday.

We need to know:

Please tell us if you are comming.

Are you staying until Sunday (bring tent)?

Are you bringing a car (need to know to find the right number of parking spaces)?

Are you comming by train and bus, bike or boat?

Are you hiking?

Are you a meat eater or a veggie, any food allergies?


Eye-Full & BMW

More information to follow!