Cocktails@3 Walk #4
Countrytail Walk 2021
Saturday, 19 June 2021, 13:00
: Skärmarbrink
: , , , , , , and
: 200 kr

Take the green line south (end destination Fasta or Skärpnäck). Get of at Skärmarbrink and follow half arrows up to the small park by Pelargatan 11 where we will start.


So show us how much you love or hate country music.
This is an A to B walk.
We will start in Skärmarbrink with a drink and then walk through Enskede area for 4 more drinkstops. At the end we will serve you a wrap of your choice. You have three alternatives; Hallomi, Chicken or Tuna.

There's no hash car, but since it is a walk who cares about showering.

The cost for this day is 200SEK/Hasher which includes the drinks stops (5 of them), some snacks and the wrap.

Please note! If you like to join you will need to buy the entry ticket for this no later than the 10th of June. You do so by swishing Laid Bird 200SEK or pay in cash on any of the hashes before. When you swish put in the message which wrap you want.

We’re setting a maximum of 30 hashers, so first till kvarn!

Bring your own drinks for the On Inn.