On(e)-Off Hash
International Wine Day Run
Saturday, 22 May 2021, 13:15
: Näsbypark, Centralparken
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May 24th is International Wine Day, so as this is the nearest Saturday and we are a Drinking Club with a Running Problem, the r*n will be quite short, but the drinking will be plentiful! 

PLEASE NOTE THE UNUSUAL START TIME! We will begin at 13:15 / 1:15pm. This is to allow those who like to leave it until the last moment to arrive in time to be there. Trains from Stockholm Östra leave at 12:10 and 12:40. Those on the 12:40 will arrive at Näsbypark at 13:00 so they will have just enough time to get there. 

You can also take a bus to the Kuttervägen bus stop, but you'll have to figure that out yourself! 

IMPORTANT!! I need to know if you are coming so please, please let me know before Wednesday 19th May! (Please include any dietary requirements in your email - thanks!) 


Following the run we will have a fun wine tasting. Suggestion is 5-6 people per team as there will be five bottles of wine to taste. 

The tasting will be blind (label hidden, not you blindfolded) and as a team you will decide from a list what grape you think it is, which country it comes from, and which description you think is on the bottle. 

Driving is not recommended for this event! Bags will be attended to. 

Food will also be included. 

Final numbers will determine the overall cost. Aiming for 150Kr, but budget for 200 and expect change. Swish will hopefully be operational, but please reacquaint yourself with the folding stuff known as cash just in case! 

- Usual hash gear
- Hash mug (there will still be a drink stop no matter how short the trail may be!)
- Warmer clothes for later in the afternoon
- Something to sit on, e.g. picnic blanket, towel, chair etc.
- An umbrella (probably - this is Sweden!)
- Team mates! I'm happy to put you into teams of 5 or 6, but if you want to discuss that amongst yourselves and save me a job, I'd be grateful. Just let me know who you'll be teaming up with.