Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers
SAH3 Run #698
Casa Karnfält Svinninge
Saturday, 2 August 2014, 15:00
: Björnholmsvägen 18
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: 70 kr

What: Absolut Run No 698
Date: 2014-08-02
When: chalk talk before run will start about 15:20 - or 3:20 PM if you prefer that.

Where: <> Björnholmsvägen 18, Svinningeudd. The Brothers summer residence.

Hares: The Brothers & The Sisters in law (gkarnfalt at telia com)

How: Attempt to ride together in cars. Use GPS. Or E20 north, exit towards Vaxholm.
Turn left after some 6 km sign Åkersberga. Turn right after 4 more km sign Nantes (no - not in France).
Turn left after some 2 km sign Svinningeudd. Keep right 2 times, go straight until water and end of road.
Our plot is to the left where the road ends. Parking outside.

Underground 14/red line from T-Centralen (T) towards Mörby Centrum (T) 13:51-14:05. Get off at Danderyds sjukhus (T).
Bus 629 leaves Danderyds sjukhus bus terminal at 14:16.
*Due to road work: no bus service on Nantesvägen to stop Svinningeuddsvägen, as previous years!*
Get off at stop "Hästängsuddsvägen" 14:48. There you have a petrol station, Svinninge handel & Thai Food on
the right
. Hash cars will meet and pick up you up.
Use <> for checking other options!

Always about the same procedure as every year:
Runners trail - normal length, eagle loop(s)
Walkers trail - shorter than the runners'
Drink stop(s)
After run swim & sauna, so bring a towel!
Food: several choices. If you let us know a couple of days before we can cook options without meet, lactose or onions.
Drinks. Stronger beer & wine at self-cost. Bring cash! No credit available.

Going back: Ride in someone's car or ask for a hash car to the last direct bus 629 Hästängsuddsvägen - Danderyds sjukhus (T) 19:08- 19:41.
Last - and not a good option. Bus 629 from Hästängsuddsvägen 19:36 towards Åkersberga. Get of 19:50 at Åkers Runö station.
Take bus 28R 20:03 to Danderyds sjukhus 20:57. (No service on Roslagsbanan).

Let us know if you are cummin!
If you plan to stay overnight:
let Big Mouth know in advance. You can also book self cost breakfast with her. Bring tents & sleeping bags!

Late evening snack: hot dogs. (Let us know if you would like vegetarian).

Big Brother (Göran) 073 734 40 32
Little Brother (Anders) 073 695 12 02
Big Mouth (Gittan) 070 359 99 81
Ditch Bitch (Sonja) 073 623 09 44