Stockholm Absolut Run Awards

Run, run, and run again and you will be mightily awarded, not only with sumptuous callouses and low-cost knee repairs courtesy of the Swedish Health Service, but also with precious mementos signifying your arduous development in the World of Hashing, all courtesy of the Stockholm Absolut H3.

The awards are as follows:

Runs Award
10 Quality Beer
25 Quality Beer
50 Personalised T-shirt
100 Personalised Pewter
150 Quality Beer
200 Quality Beer
250 Long sleeved T-shirt
300 Bottle of Bubbles
350 Quality Beer
400 Quality Beer
450 Quality Beer
500 Hip Flask
550 Quality Beer
600 Bottle of Bubbles
650 Quality Beer
700 Quality Beer
750 A Hoody / Fleece
800 Quality Beer
850 Quality Beer
900 Quality Beer
950 Quality Beer
1000 Free hashes for life! (Hash cash only, not food or drinks.)

Once you get to the appropriate stage, it's the GM's responsibility to take note and honor the occasion at the next suitable Circle (but feel free to remind him/her if they somehow seem to have forgotten).